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Bigger is Better with the Frankly Social Poster Photo Booth

Bigger is Better with the Frankly Social Poster Photo Booth

Frankly Social loves difference. We are inspired by all the little things that make each of you one-of-a-kind. And from years of experience, we also understand that successful brand engagement involves not just shining light on these unique traits but making them even bigger. So, when it’s time to stand out in the crowd, what better way than with our Poster Photo Booth.

You see, in the land of brand engagement and social media marketing, there’s something we call “organic reach”. This refers to the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. So, what happens when hundreds of guests at an event return home with a poster-sized image of themselves and their friends looking amazing, branded stylishly with your logo, and plaster it on their wall or in the office? Reach more clients naturally. It’s a bit like hiring your own troupe of influencers, who spread the love without you even asking or paying.

Frankly Social are thrilled to be one, if not the only, Australian brand engagement specialist who can make your larger-than-life dreams come true. Like our other Photo Booths, our friendly team help every step of the way to take amazing photos of your guests and customers under flattering lighting conditions. The images are then processed before your eyes by our state-of-the-art printers. However, unlike our normal polaroid or small sticker-sized prints, the Frankly Social Poster Booth and Printer blows portraits up to a whopping A1, A2 or A3 size print! Whether it’s an art gala, retail store opening party, sporting event or company product launch, we know how to make your clients feel like celebrities with this unique pin-up format.