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Photo School Book Labels Make Back-To-School Fun!

Photo School Book Labels Make Back-To-School Fun!

We all know that parents dread the back-to-school rush.  The tears, the stationery lists, the uniforms—it has the potential to be an emotional roller coaster!  This year we put our heads together to think of a product that would make this transitional period easier, more organised and even fun! What did we come up with? Personalised photo school book labels printed using our Sticker Photo Booth that make kids’ school supplies unique and recognisable.

Setting up camp at Westfield Shopping Centre in Helensvale on the Gold Coast, we printed more than 3600 school book labels over five days.  But these labels weren’t ordinary labels: each featured a child’s photograph on a branded and decorated sticker.  The stickers could be added to a student’s book or stationery, making it unmistakably theirs.  This personal touch delighted the kids, and the labels themselves were some of our cutest take-home gifts yet.  Parents were relieved that Frankly Social came to the rescue with an entertaining and useful holiday activity, and teachers in the crowd were thrilled at how practical these labels would be in the classroom environment.  Last but not least, our client was overwhelmed at the popularity of the event, as customers went home with branded back-to-school goodies.

We are committed to creating products and experiences that make everyday events, like the back-to-school transition, super fun. Customised photo stickers are available in a variety of formats to label school, university, office, household, hardware or kitchen supplies, to name a few. Get in touch and bring this unique and practical activity to your next business or social event.